Barbara L.B. Storey

I am a writer, photographer, and digital artist. I love to write, to read, to travel, and I'm also crazy about baseball. I was born and now live in Canada, but I'm also a former resident of New York City and miss it very much.

I am particularly fond of certain book series - The Lord of the Rings and Outlander in particular - of poetry, historical fiction, mysteries and thrillers, biographies, and history of almost any kind, but particularly art and political.

I write romances, primarily - steamy yet hopelessly romantic. My first novel, Finding Our Way, is the prime example of that.  Need: An Erotic Anthology leans more heavily toward the steamy - as you might guess from the title - but there's some sweet in there, too.

Queen of Heaven - a short story ebook - is set in the world of my novel and features those main characters, Becca and Jon, in a very intimate interlude.

And Beginning Again is a short story of love almost lost, but regained and made stronger..  It is also an ebook.

The work-in-progress is a paranormal romance - a ghost story.  It is a romance, but in a different style than my other work.  It's been . . . stalled for a while, but I'm determined to get back to it this year!

I have lived several different, interesting lives in both North America and Europe, but through them all, one thing has remained true: creating is essential. Writing or art - as long as I am creating something and telling a story, I am happy.