Work Now, Rest in September!

Not a LOT of news this month - but things are brewing.  Finding Our Way may get a bit of a facelift soon - I'm only giving a hint, so stay tuned!  I've started working on my WIP again, and that should be taking off soon. I'm hoping to get it out by the end of the year.

The biggest news right now is that I'm having wrist surgery in September, which means a cast for SIX WEEKS!  I'm going to keep busy in August, because there is going to be an enforced period of inactivity in the fall!  :O. Not sure for how long, but I'm working on my ambidextrous skills!  I'm a bit nervous, but it needs to be done.  The bone spur in there isn't going to go away by itself.

Oh - if anyone doesn't have a copy of "Finding Your Way" or "Need: An Erotic Anthology" yet - I have copies on hand right now, and you can buy directly from me rather than going to Amazon.  ;)  See the link below to get to my store!  (Unless you're local - then email me and we'll arrange something.)

Buy Direct From Me Here!

Hope you're all having a great summer - tell me what you're reading!

Take care and talk to you again soon!