Beginning Again

Beginning Again: A Short Romantic Adventure - ebook

A Short Romantic Adventure
Published by Storeylines Press
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HIM: She'd left him, with no explanation - and Andrew just couldn't accept that. He had to find out why. More importantly, he needed to win her back. His life just wasn't the same without her.

HER: Beckett felt guilty that she'd just ghosted herself out of Andrew's life - and it wasn't even anything he'd done. She felt guilty for not telling him why. And when he walked through the door of "their" pub, she hoped it meant there'd be a second chance, even if she wasn't sure she deserved it.

49 pages
Rating: 18+

Perfect bedtime read

A short and sweet romance with a pinch of spice. Two young people rekindling their relationship and finding happiness. What's not to love?
~ Cazbas, Amazon

49 pages | $3.99 CAD | 9781386774501 | January 29, 2019