Finding Our Way

Finding Our Way ebook

An Impossible Romance in Three Parts
Published by Storeylines Press
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Getting lost can help you find your way. . . .

Set designer Becca Ward is used to being in the background. After all, her work takes the stage, not her.  When she’s stranded with car trouble in the middle of nowhere after a movie wraps, she isn’t stressed.  She’ll camp out and look for help in the morning.  

After his friends leave without him, gorgeous lead actor Jon Jacobs is also stranded—and stressed! He has places to be and people who care and he’s never slept rough in his life.

When Jon shelters in Becca’s car, mutual comfort transforms into a passion so intense they wish they could stay lost. Alas, rescue arrives, and possessive friends and family, not to mention the ever-present paparazzi, test their whirlwind romance. When the two of them face an unexpected crisis, Jon and Becca must decide just how strong their newfound love really is.

Paperback: 462 pages
Rating: 18+

Another wonderful work from Ms. Storey!
"I've been a fan of this author from way back, and this latest novel was all I'd come to expect from her...and more: well-drawn characters, intriguing plot, full to the brim with romance and desire. It tackles more than just boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love. It's got real-life complications added in, which makes it all the more interesting to read, drawing you right in and keeping you on your toes. You really can't go wrong with anything she's written, but this novel definitely should be on your must-read list!"
~ Jo B., Amazon

Great, Steamy Romantic Read!
A great read! Good story line and great characters, I mean where can I get my own Jonathan?!?

If, like me, you found the Fifty Shades series too cringey and just plain wrong then this is a book for you! Romantic, steamy and just plain lovely!
I’ve given this book as a gift and am telling everyone I know to buy a copy and read it!
~ Morgan R, Amazon

perfect | 462 pages | $9.99 CAD | 5.5 x 8.5 | 9798201412449 | May 6, 2022