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Finding Our Way ebook
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Getting lost can help you find your way. . . .

When the two of them face an unexpected crisis, Jon and Becca must decide just how strong their newfound love really is.


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Need: An Erotic Anthology - ebook
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Love is a mystery; passion is an adventure. Every time.

NEED, a collection of erotic short stories, is an exploration of what love and passion can become, how they both affect two people for a moment or a lifetime, What happens when two lovers close their eyes, literally or not; when they tumble into a love they never expected; when they decide it's worth the risk to stay . . . or time to leave?

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Beginning Again: A Short Romantic Adventure - ebook
SKU: 9781386774501

Price: $3.99
HIM: She'd left him, with no explanation - and Andrew just couldn't accept that. He had to find out why. More importantly, he needed to win her back. His life just wasn't the same without her.

HER: Beckett felt guilty that she'd just ghosted herself out of Andrew's life - and it wasn't even anything he'd done. She felt guilty for not telling him why. And when he walked through the door of "their" pub, she hoped it meant there'd be a second chance, even if she wasn't sure she deserved it.
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Queen of Heaven - ebook
SKU: 9781507046265

Price: $2.99
This interlude takes place in the world of my new adult romance novel, "Finding Our Way." I hope you enjoy this short Tantric fantasy, which takes place some time after that novel, in Jon and Becca's near future.
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